It All Starts With Supper!

Wednesday suppers are back in full swing! Come for a hearty supper prepared on site; no need to cook on Wednesdays. Supper is served from 5:30 to 6:15 in the Fellowship Hall. RSVP is necessary by Mondays at Noon. Call the church office at 943-8581 to inquire about the weekly menu and to make your reservation. Cost is $5.00 for adults, $3.00 for children (half portion), and $20 maximum for families. 


Promise Land Nursery – newborns to 4 years: nursery care and age-appropriate activities.

Kindergarten to 5th grade: Includes music with motions, fun games, cool crafts, new friends and more as children learn to live God’s Word in their daily lives.


6th thru 12th grade: A time designed to build relationships with fellow students as well as God through exciting games, meaningful prayer times, and relevant devotionals. 


Bible Study – A weekly Bible lesson, sharing testimonies of God’s presence in daily life and praying for one another – all with the divine purpose of growing closer to God and to each other.

Women’s Prayer & Share – Women of all ages are welcome to this group that values friendship, honesty, and laughter as they share the ups and downs of life. Sharing personal insights from scripture and praying together, sharing one another’s burdens.

Book Study Group – A topical study for men and women. The books chosen are available at local bookstores for a small fee.

Scripture Study Group – Pastor Mike leads a Bible study using scripture passages from the previous Sunday's message.

Read Through the Bible in 2017 

We invite you to join us in reading through the entire Bible in 2017. This year's schedule of reading is chronological. The books of the Bible have been listed in what scholars believe is the order in which history happened. Click below to see and/or print your copy of the year's reading plan. 

2017 Chronological Bible Reading.pdf

Why Read the Bible?  

These days, there’s a smartphone app for just about everything. But what about spiritual concerns? Where can you turn?

  • Depressed? Try the joy app. Read Isaiah 51:11.
  • Tired? Try the renewal app. Read Isaiah 40:30-31.
  • Unsettled? Try the peace app. Read Philippians 4:7.
  • Unloved? Try the love app. Read Romans 8:38-39.
  • Worried? Try the refuge app. Read Psalm 46:1.
  • Fearful? Try the power app. Read 2 Timothy 1:7.
  • Guilty? Try the forgiveness app. Read Colossians 1:13-14.
  • Praying? Try the prayer app. Read 1 John 5:14-15.

The Scriptures are God’s storehouse of meaningful applications for what we face every day. Think of the Bible as the iTunes Store of spiritual apps. Best of all, everything’s free!
—Timothy Merrill

Night of Prayer

Every Monday night at 7:00. On some evenings there is "directed prayer" for a particular focus, but there is always time for you to pray for the things on your heart and mind. This prayer meeting is held in the home of an LVP Church member; please call the office for directions.

Prayer is talking and listening to God. It is sharing our thoughts, questions, fears, desires - opening our lives to God, holding nothing back. It is telling God our admiration for who He is, and contemplating His qualities. It is listening while He talks to us, providing comfort, peace, guidance, and direction requiring our worshipful obedience.

Prayer is also solidarity. Just as Jesus bore our burdens on His cross, we bear the burdens of others as if they were our own, laying them before the Father. In prayer, we approach Him in the names of those who don't yet know Jesus, asking God to bring them into His family.

Through special focuses, we unite in crying out to the Father, that His heavenly kingdom would break through on earth.

To share a prayer request with the church family, send an email to